The image of your company or corporate identity stands for its the business, strategy, objectives, values and philosophy. Once developed the brand identity, we offer a comprehensive service to meet all the needs of our customers and advertising graphic level. We specialized in developing corporate identity, editorial design and advertising.


A good design and good navigation structure are critical to the success of a website. We develop the proper navigational structures for each company; in terms of mapping, images, and logos. By applying the newest technologies, we create online experiences that are visually attractive, well-designed extensions of our clients’ brands in a user-friendly environment. Also, we focus on optimization for all browsers, security, use the latest standards (W3C) and a design based on functionality, usability and accessibility.

If you already have your page and are thinking about redesign, please contact us; we assure functionality, clarity and dynamism.


SMO (Social Media Optimization) techniques and strategies are actions carried out in the most important social networks to promote products and services of your company. We support companies to go into Social Media and create a strategy for SMM (Social Media Marketing) based on the message they want to be delivered. Business/Brands increasingly tend to be more humane and interact face to face with your target, participate in movements or create your own with SMM; it will definitely help your brand to grow.

We create content and evaluate the most appropriate Social Media for your brand, integrating your website or blog to improve your SEO and services.


Video marketing as one of the most effective marketing techniques currently used in the business market. Serves as alternate medium for businesses to convey their message to a wider audience, and get more exposure. An audio-visual medium will always provide high levels of credibility and will have a greater impact on the user’s mind. We have experience in all types of Video strategy; viral video, conversion, education, etc.

At 32 Code, we are proficient on creating an original and creative video about your brand, product or company, by defining a target and the type of customer you are looking for; optimizing its efficiency in all Social Media Networks, your web or blog.


At 32 Code we are committed to continue the tradition of offering customers high quality images in photography services for products, events, real state, corporate and business events. By providing to our clients the high-quality of service along with our experience and talent that result in a sober, elegant and exceptional product, which is what differentiate us from the competence

This section is mainly focused on business products image and photography. For individuals and social events services please refers to

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